This is where we would put in a testimonial. But I have never coached any business or person out of a worldwide pandemic... But I believe that we can help.  What is the worst thing that can happen?  No credit card is required. If you do not learn anything during the first training/video don't watch any more.

Thisisa Model
Jack Roberts Coaching

How we are Helping to Increase Restaurant Sales?

We are running some Specials Programs to Help Restaurants to boost their sales based on the Type of Restaurant and service they provide.

SMM, Text Messaging, Marketing Campaign, Special Offers.

One Week Free Trials for Fist 144 Selected Restaurant.

Text Us on (+1908 913 8078) to get Selected under First 144 Restaurant:
Text                 Restaurant Services if you provide
Dinner           – Lunch & Dinner
Breakfast      – Breakfast & Lunch
Daily              – Breakfast Lunch and Dinner



Recent College Grad Career Coaching

If you are a recent college graduate or will be graduating this year we are here to help. We are offering a FREE live training where you can get your answered question and learn some great ways to land a job during this pandemic.

All Attendees will get FREE access to the 2 one hour live sessions! $697 value

Our FREE workbook! $37 value

Free 60 day membership in our basic program with access to the recordings!  $74 value

Career Coaching For anyone who lost their job

Join us for a free live presentation and training... Get your questions answered.

Join our FREE Coaching on how to get the job offer with the best possible salary! Our Carrer coaching is based on Biblical values and we offer an unconditional 6-month money back guarantee. Click the link below to try it.

Restaurant, Bar, "Essential Store" coaching

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  • Rescue your Restaurant or Store from this shutdown

    If you own a restaurant or retail business, we have a program to bring your customers in more often every month! AND we will have them bring friends!

  • How to manage employees and increase sales during this shutdown

    Do you have a non essential business that was closed?  Did your sales drop?  Do you have a plan that you know will work to get new business?  We are sure we can help.  We will provide a free 30 day kickstart program in various industries. NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!

    Unfortunately we have a strict limit of 500 people.  Sorry

  • Do you have a complete communication plan ready to go?

    Whether you like it or not, things have changed.  We believe our unique plan will help you create your own, communications plan for your customers, employees and potential customers.


  • Covid Research
    Covid Research

    Here is the file with the links to all the research I did. Please do not share by fee free to share the link to this website.

Businesses looking to reopen after quarantine.

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Currently for New Jersey and Pennsylvania Businesses ONLY.


In this coaching we will break you into small groups based on educations and jobs sought. This program was created and taught by two of the Nation’s Top Career Coaches and Recruiters. They were ranked in the top 1/3 of the top 1% of all career coaches and recruiters in ALL of North America.

Please do not attempt to contact Jack Roberts Coaching as all paid coaching has been suspended. (Obviously currently enrolled members are exempt) If you are one of Jack Roberts Coaching clients, your login information is the same.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania College grads ONLY.

We are also opening our free career coaching to any recent college graduate in Hunterdon County that does not have a job. We are looking to open this up to every student in NJ
Change Based on Biblical Values to “Based on the Award Winning Career Professor Guaranteed Job Launch Program. The ONLY program in the USA that offered an unconditional 6 month guarantee with NO refunds requested!” Again there is NO charge for this program.